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Vehicle alternative fuel locations and mapping directions to those locations. Full United States coverage. A default filter can be set to any state or any category of fuel. Standard iOS search capability is available for filtering on station name or city.

Data for the fuel types of BioDiesel, Compressed Natural Gas, Ethanol(85), Electric, Hydrogen, Liquefied Natural Gas and Liquified Petroleum Gas are included.

Any service location can be mapped by state or by a user-specified radius from the user location.

Full data on the service location is shown as provided by the source. This can include service location name, location, type of fuel, hours, credit cards accepted, fuel-specific hardware and more.

Data is provided by the US Department of Energy.

Choose a state, and a fuel type to see a list of service locations. Any search term can also be entered to further narrow displayed items. Tap the map to see the results on a map.

Tapping a station in the main lists presents the details for that station. Scroll to view all information.

Locations for the selected search are shown on a map. Tap a location to see driving instructions for the route to the station.

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