CloudVentory FAQ

How do I take advantage of Categories?

You create categories for cataloging your inventory items. Several pre-defined data fields are already added to each category. You can define up to nine additional data fields that are specific for the items that will be assigned that category. In addition, you can choose to show or hide most of the fields whether  pre-defined and user-defined.

What about Keywords?

You create keywords that can universally be attached to any record item. Created predominantly to make searches more granular, you can apply keywords for any data consistency that you choose. Any item can have many keywords.

Can I search for items?

Absolutely. You can enter any string of characters in the searchbar and the app will search for that string in all fields that hold text. The results are displayed in a table view with a filter icon to keep you aware that you have a filter in place. You can view, edit, or delete items from the filtered list just as with the full list.

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