AltFuelChicgo FAQ

What is the meaning of the data codes in the Detail View?

A separate help section contains explanations of these items. From the starter table view tap the Data Codes button.

How do I show only locations for electric vehicles?

Tap Utilities on the starter table view and you will be presented with a data picker. It allows you to select (or remove) a fuel type filter. This filter will remain in place until you change it.

Can I search for items?

Absolutely. You can enter any string of characters in the searchbar and the app will search for that string in all fields that hold text. The results are displayed in a table view with a filter icon to keep you aware that you have a filter in place. You can view items from the filtered list just as with the full list.

Can I get driving instructions?

Tapping a map pin in either single for filtered results reveals the location name and fuel type. Tapping that flag opens a map with driving directions to the provider.

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